3 hour military paintball

Bratislava - Action Park

Experience the action, speed, excitement and dynamism with action sports Paintball.

28,00 €

  • Age: from 15
  • The degree of adrenaline: medium - large
  • Season: summer - winter

Paintball is a modern, action sport that requires not only speed and condition, but you will also need tactical thinking and a cool head. Experience the joy and euphoria of winning, but also disappointment when you discover how little is sometimes enough to defeat. You will play this great game in Action Park Čunovo, where are lots of obstacles and obstructions by which you will imitate the guerrilla war.

You will play this great game on our SWAT military court in Action Park Čunovo: many trenches, blast zones and elaborated obstacles. The court has an area of 70x55m and the capacity for 35 players.


  • The voucher includes: paintball for 1 person
  • Min. number of players for one period is 6 or more
  • Paintball gear (chest protector, helmet, gloves, mask, marker, 200 paintball balls)
  • Instructor and referee
  • Paintball Court
  • Possibilty to buy additional balls: 5,60 € / 100 balls, when you purchase more than 2,000 balls the price is 5.00 € / 100 balls



  • The need to reserve on office1@actionland.sk  or by phone during weekdays from 8:30 to 17:30 on +421 2 62528077, during weekends and holidays from 9:00 to 17:30 on the phone number +421904 223 333, +421905 223 333
  • Possibility to buy camouflage clothing for 3 € / person
  • Max. game 2.5 hours
  • Min. age of 15 years (18 years is required the consent of the legal guardian)

Paintball gear:

is excellent, we use Tippman markers known for their reliability and suitability to the rougher environment (dust, humidity ..). Balls are powered by compressed air so you can play even in winter without any problems. You just need to bring sturdy shoes and sportswear that you put under the camo, the rest will ensure our instructors.

Call friends, family or work colleagues and come to us for a great experience!

You can choose from a number of games:

  • Central flag: Flag must be gained from the middle of the court and passed to your own checkpoint.
  • Convoy - Escort: teams must convert their column to the destination point.
  • VIP person must survive: select "important person" who must survive until the end of the game.
  • Fight until disposal: played until the last player is shot out
  • Conquering the base: you must protect your checkpoint and at the same time attack your opponent to attack.

What to bring with you:

  • Sport clothing
  • Sturdy shoes