Pendulum JUMP from the bridge LaFranconi

Bratislava - most Lafranconi

The big experience, freedom and adrenaline - these are the things which you can find on the top of the river Dunaj. Overcome your fear and come to jump from the 25 high Bratislava´s Lafranconi bridge.

55,00 €

  • Age: from 15
  • The degree of adrenaline: medium - large
  • Season: summer - winter

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TAKE YOUR COURAGE AND JUMP TO THE NOTHINGnees. 25 metres below you is the river dunaj and you will be only 4 metres over the river.   approximaly 80%  is free fall a 20% is slow-speed braking. There is no bob, not as Bungee jumping. It is as a big swing where you can experience13 metres free fall and gravitationless state.

The price is included:

  • the intructor 
  • the equipment (the wholebody harness, the helmet) 
  • the jump


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  • Minimum number of the people on one date: 12
  • The date and time is according to whole group.
  • Maximum of weight: 110kg
  • Minimum of age: 15 years (to 18 years we need the acceptance of the legal representative).  
  • The jump is on the side where the ruine Devín is, near to the Petržalka´s side
  • In case of bad wheater the jump will be cancelled, but we will contact you on the alternative date
  • Please bring your the print voucher

Before the jump you will be informed about the safety and administrative rules. After that you put on the equipment and we will catch you to the secure rope (maximum of working weight is 2 x 2200kg). In the end you have to stand to the bridge and jump after the counting down. When the swing will finish we pull you back.

The season:

Yearly. The time: according to agreement. 

The place:

Bratislava the Bridge LaFranconi.