Great Circuit – The Rope Centre Action Park

Bratislava - Action Park

Enjoy 2,5 hours of pure entertainment and overcome 20 rope obstacles with a total length of up to 120 m, which are at 8 and 12 m above the ground.

50,00 €

  • Age: from 6
  • The degree of adrenaline: large
  • Season: summer - winter

During 2.5 hours you will have a great experience of Great Circuit and enjoy a lot of fun with friends. You have to overcome 20 rope obstacles with a total length of 120 meters, located at 8 and 12 meters. Rope barriers are a combination of horizontal and vertical barriers created using ropes, pillars and devices of varying difficulty.

At the beginning of the program you will get dressed in climbing gear and get a short briefing on safety, technique and way of preventing various obstacles of easy or hard difficulty. During their overcoming you we will belay you in two ways, through a security bolt and mutual fuse.

What is included in the price:

  • Obstacles by 2.5 hours (including 30 min briefing and getting dressed in gear)
  • 10 obstacles height 8 m
  • 10 obstacles height 12 m
  • Climbing equipment (full body cushion, fusing, helmet, gloves)
  • Instructor (1 instructor for max. 15 visitors)
+421 905223333


  • Min. age: 10
  • Min. height: 140 cm
  • Max. weight: 120 lbs
  • Max. activity length: 2.5 hours (the time that you have to overcome obstacles)
  • Degree of obstacles: different degrees (according to your choice)
  • For children up to 14 years, who will not climb accompanied by an adult is necessary to pay the fee 3 €

Fusing technology

Self-belaying:  at the height of 1.8 m above the obstacle is a wire rope to which the participant has to belay using a lanyard (two short ropes) and carbine. After passing the obstacle he gradually belays using first one side and then another side of the lanyard to further wire rope. This way he overcomes all obstacles of the Rope Centre. Fusing technology is before the start of the program thoroughly explained to participants, while they try it on the ground. (if it is necessary an instructor will help you with obstacles)