Fun Package – The Rope Centre Action Park

Bratislava - Action Park

Experience up to triple dose of adrenaline and try our giant swing, cableway 110 meters long and Tarzan jump. You do not need anything special, you just need the courage.

56,00 €

  • Age: from 6
  • The degree of adrenaline: large
  • Season: summer - winter

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Fun package is suitable for all who want to experience the adrenaline and a lot of fun. Experience the feeling of free fall on the giant swing, jump into the void at Tarzan jump and the speed on the ropeway up to 120 m. This type of attractions can handle even those with less physical condition, so you just need courage and the fun can begin.

The instructor will explain you everything thoroughly and using climbing gear he will prepare you for the attraction. They will strap you into climbing seat and you will get a safety helmet. Your team (team-fusing under the supervision of an instructor) or instructor take care of you and your 100 % safety all the time. Additionally, you may document the experience using professional camera placed on the helmet.

What is included in the price:

  • Giant swing (swing jump at a height of 12 m)
  • Cable car long 120 meters (speed up to 40km/h)
  • Tarzan jump (jump from the pole to the goalpost)
  • Climbing equipment (full body cushion, helmet)
  • Instructor
+421 903 223333


  • Minimum age: 10 (8-14 years accompanied by an adult is required)
  • For children under 14 who are not accompanied by an adult, it is necessary to pay the fee 3 € on-site for instructor
  • Min. height: 130 cm
  • Max. weight: 120 lbs
  • The length of each activity is about 15min

Giant swing:

Giant swing will remind you your childhood, but now you will enjoy the fun of swinging with a good dose of adrenaline. Jump at the height of 12 meters above the ground and experience 7 m long free fall followed by 3 m gentle brakes, and then you just sway and sway a few minutes until it stops completely.

Cable car rising 120 m

Let you down the cable car long 120 m at the height of 12 meters and enjoy unbelievable feeling of freedom and wind in your hair at speed up to 40 km per hour. You will experience not only a proper adrenaline, but also the feeling of absolute freedom.

Tarzan jump

Take courage to jump into the free space on the horizontal bar located 2.5 m from you. Experience is stronger because you jump from the top of a wooden pole at the height of 8 meters above the ground.