These general terms and conditions  are applied to the services (sports and entertainment activities - "gift coupons") provided by Team Impulse, Ltd. (hereinafter Teamimpulse) and are an integral part of each gift coupon (package). 


The company Teamimpulse is a supplier of adventure / sporting activities and ensures the participation in various events and activities by selling gift vouchers and packages presented on these pages www.adrenaline-bratislava.com.
A contractual relationship between a customer and Teamimpulse arises when the customer pays the purchase price for a gift package. The customer confirms his agreement with the general terms and conditions purchasing this voucher / package.

The gift voucher / package may be bought by customer for himself or for another person. The service selected at the company Teamimpulse will be povided to a gift voucher holder, which is included in each gift package of Teamimpulse.


Customers can order and buy their gift voucher / package on website www.adrenaline bratislava.com, or personally at the company headquarters Teamimpulse (174/35 Na hrádzi, 85110 Bratislava).
Booking of the date and time must be agreed upon in advance by phone or e-mail with an employee of the company Teamimpulse. The latest date for service implementation is the date of the voucher validity. The customer loses his entitlement to the providing of selected service without any compensation unless he books his service through the service center and exhausts the service. The customer must book his service sufficiently in advance before the expiry of the voucher to be able to exhaust the service  due to the capacity of participants in the standard implementation dates. If the customer satisfies the conditions for an individual date it is possible to arrange an individual date of the service implementation. Booking the date and place of the activity the company Teamimpulse is committed to ensuring customer service within the agreed scope and quality.


The company Teamimpulse sells vouchers that are timely open and gifted has the option to choose the date of the action convenient for him. Their validity is stated on the front page. The customer may contact customer center and ask for an extension of the voucher for next 6 months unless the customer or the donee is able to use the voucher by the expiration date. This step is however is charged with an administrative fee valued 8.50 €.


The customer participates in all activities solely on his own responsibility. All activities provided by Teamimpulse are conducted by trained and professional instructors.


Cancellation of Service / voucher:
Customer may cancel the service during the voucher validity and request a refund. Within 14 days of voucher purchase / services, money is returned free of charge, after this period we charge a fee of 11 €. The money is returned to the person or firm which purchased a gift / activity.

Cancellation and changing the date of service/activity implementation:
The customer has the right to change or cancel the date of the activity implementation. If the customer cancels an agreed date of activity at the time  longer than 48 hours before its realization, the rescheduling / cancellation is  gratuitous. If the customer cancels an agreed date of the activity less than 48 hours before the realization, pays a handling fee 11 € plus the company Teamimpulse has the right to request 100% cancellation fee of the contract price for the desired service (specific conditions of cancellation differ depending on the service provided – specification of cancellation is stated in the content of each product subpage www.adrenaline-bratislava.com.

The contractor has the right to cancel the date of the activity for objective reasons (poor weather, technical failure of equipment, etc..) also during the period shorter than 48 hours before its implementation. In this case, the customer will be immediately contacted by the supplier and a new date of the activity will be agreed. When canceling the date of the activity the company Teamimpulse is not responsible for costs involved – e.g. for insurance, transport and so on.


The price of the electronical form of the voucher equals to the price of the service  (no extra charge). The price of physical gift package Teamimpulse equals to the amount of the service price plus 4 €. The gift package Teamimpulse includes: gift box, voucher for activity, Terms and Conditions, description of services, business card with contact information.


If the customer bought the service / gift voucher on the webpage www.adrenaline-bratislava.com and chose the electronic form of vouchers, we guarantee the email delivery of vouchers selected by customers within 24 hours after receiving payment on Teamimpulse account. When you decide for a physical gift package the delivery time depends on the delivery method chosen by the customer in the process of ordering (Slovak Post, courier) as a general rule 1-4 days after payment for the service.